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Dear Friends,

Everyone knows that content is king. Search engines crave content and people love reading high quality material. When you bring value you will get massive traffic.

Without content, search engines won't notice you and people will bounce out of your site - if they will even find you. That's how important it is to have content.

The Problems With 
Writing Content...

For people who hate to write, the thought of even starting is exhausting.

With that mindset your creativity is killed and you will probably write boring content.

If you are a bad writer than you will either end up with crap, boring content, or both.

That kills the point of having good content and bringing value.

If you are a good writer and don't have the time, you won’t have enough content to make visitors return or to make an impact on search engines!

In other words, having a lot of rich content is difficult!


So What Are

The Options?

Alright… so at this point we both know that you need to always be adding high quality content to your blog or website in order to make search engines to rank you above your competition – either on a website that links to yours or on yours directly.

And also to make people be addicted to your website, of course.

These are the 3 options to make that happen…

Option # 1. - Hire a Professional Writer

Professional writers are excellent, however they are very expensive. They usually have a 3 figure price for each article!

If you’re going to add blog content or article content daily, hundreds of dollars for each one will add up fast!

Option # 2.
 - Write Your Own Content For Your Blog Or Website

If you love writing, are good at it, and have the time, go right ahead!

Most people will not fit under this category, which leaves us with the last option.

Option # 3.
  “Cheat” By Already Having All The Content

You can legally cheat by taking the articles in your niche and post them on your blog or website! You have all the private label rights. Nothing can be easier

AP 300 is this option. It is the easiest, fastest, and most effective way. It is also so affordable that anyone with a part-time minimum wage job can afford it.


I know what option I would choose - 3 of course!

✓ Nobody wants to spend hours and hours writing content hoping that it will bring more visitors and hoping to be ranked higher. You want to be sure your time is well spent.

✓ Nobody wants to spend over $1000 a week on content either – especially in the beginning. Make your blog or website matter now!

Think about this: If each article cost you only $1, this package would cost you a whopping $300,000, but thank god you don't need that much!

You can have it all – 300,000 articles that took years to write for not even 1% of that cost. Buy it now because this website may be going down soon due to the quantity of articles.


AP 300 – The Best Articles Package To Ever Exist! 

*    300,000+ Well Written Articles in 300+ Categories.

*    Each Article is an SEO Article Containing Keywords That Have To Do With The Article, Title, Summary, and Word Count.

*    Articles are a Few 100 to a Few 1000 Words – Choose The Length You Like!

*    Have Unlimited Content In a Click of a Button.


What People Are Saying About It



"Definitely worth the investment. Needless to say I am extremely satisfied with the results. AP 300 saves me so much time"

- Dennis C.



"I don't know what else to say. AP 300 has really helped our business."


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"I have gotten at least 50 times the value so far"


- Bobbie K.



With AP 300 you’ll save yourself the hassle of where to get all that content. Me and you both know that posting content on your website and blog on a daily basis doesn’t just magically happen. You have a solution now.

What are you waiting for?

Professional In-Depth Articles For

Even The Most Unskilled Writer...

Even if you’ve never written a single article in your life, that’s perfectly fine! All the articles are pre-written and ready to copy and paste.


Easily Find The Article You Want

In the Niche Of Your Choice - In A BREEZE.

Sort By Categories & Sub-Categories

Use Article Titles As Meta Title For SEO 

Word Count So You Can Select Desired Length 

  Summary So You Can Use As Meta Description For SEO

Keywords Under Summary Ready For You To Start Ranking For Them!

  Full Article Body Under The Above Details

 .txt Format For Minimal Storage Use

  Private Label Rights On Everything – Do Whatever You Want With Them

  Search Your Folder For Whatever Keyword or Key-Term That You Want And Watch The Results Pile Up

This Package Is A No Brainer

Even With ZERO Computer Skills You

Will Be Able To View 100’s of 1000’s

Of Articles In Just A Few Clicks

It’s so easy to open and have access to these articles that after reading these directions once, you should be a pro and ready to go.

This how easy it is to download, open,

and have the articles in front of you!


  1. After checkout you will be redirected to the AP300 download page.
  2. Download the 550 MB .RAR file. Be patient – remember, these are a lot of articles.
  3. To open this file, you need WinRAR. If you don’t already have WinRAR, Click Here to download it.
  4. After you have WinRAR and AP300 downloaded – Open AP300.rar and drag the folder out onto your desktop or wherever you’d like. Be patient once again
  5. Enter the folder and ta-da! You will see a new world full of content and SEO heaven.
  6. Browse through the article names or just search for something specific!

That’s how easy it is! So simple a caveman can do it… okay maybe not the WinRAR part Such a time and money saver for the beginner or the pro.

  • Enter the folder and ta-da! You will see a new world full of content and SEO heaven.
  • Browse through the article names or just search for something specific!

  • That’s how easy it is! So simple a caveman can do it… okay maybe not the WinRAR part Such a time and money saver for the beginner or the pro.

    Get AP300 Now – If You Aren’t 100% Satisfied, I Don’t Want Your Money!


    You'll Enjoy These Benefits...

    No creativity necessary!

    No spelling needed!

    No grammar required!

    Finish blogging or “content writing” in 5 minutes or less.

    No more expensive articles and content.

    Title, keywords, summary, and article body in all articles.

    Post as much content as you want on your blog or website!

    It’s a one-time purchase and you have all the articles/content forever.







    Here Is An Example Of An Article – Ahhh…… The

    Beauty Of How Much Information In Just 1 Article



    Don’t Worry, it’s a Lot More Beautiful When You Simply

    Paste It In Microsoft Word, Your Blog, Or Your Website.

    Here look:


    Pssst……. can you keep a secret?

    A lot of these articles don’t even exist on the web!

    Go ahead and look up the title of this article on Google.


    AP300… Has It All!

    Never again will you need to work hard, pay someone, or spend a lot of your valuable time to have lots of great content.

    All the content you will ever need to rank high in search engines and to increase your visitors will be instantly available for download when you complete the secure checkout below.

    The reason you want to act now is because you can get AP300 for only $118!

    NEW UPDATE: Scratch the above price out. It’s 50% OFF on SALE for only $59.
    Yes, really… years and years of articles for less than a day of work!

    The price WILL go back up and it’s very possible that this website will be gone by the next time you visit.

    300,000 articles for $59 is too much quality content for the price, so I might get shut down.


    Here are just a few categories (and quantity of articles) that AP300 has:

    Arts & Entertainment 4471

    Business – 9318

    Computer & Technology - 5835

    Fashion – 1349

    Finance – 15919

    Food Beverage – 2370

    Health & Fitness 13836

    Home & Family – 8542

    Internet Business – 15161

    Product Reviews - 1125

    Recreation Sports – 7424

    Reference Education - 3581

    Self-Improvement - 4851

    Society – 4388

    Travel & Leisure – 7529

    Vehicles – 3162

    Writing Speaking - 1346

    and many, many more...


    Just Look At This!!!

    Click below for instant access!

    The Articles Will Do

    The Work For You

    There has never been and never will be an easier, faster, and more effective way to…

    Rank High In Search Engines – Search Engines like Google send out a bot called a “spider” to crawl the “web” and look for high quality content that people will enjoy reading. The “spider” also looks for specific keywords. In these articles you have content in all niches with keywords above the article body.

    Attract More Visitors To Your Website Or Blog  When you start ranking higher in search engines people will be drawn to all this content on your site.

    Keep Visitors Or Potential Customers Interested And Coming Back For More – After people are drawn to your site due to all the useful content that they love reading, they will come back again, and again, and again, to see what else you are going to add.

    Make Your Website Or Blog A Valuable Asset – When you have a great amount of visitors and/or sales, you are providing a lot of value, and when your website is a valuable asset – It is/you can make it a money machine that people will sometimes want to buy from you for a lot of money.

    Market Yourself Or Your Product – When your visitors start building up, you can easily market yourself, your service, or your product.

    Get Ahead of The Crowd -  When you have all this content and you know how to use it, it will give you a huge boost. That will rank you above your competition in search engines because of all the content you have and they won’t understand how you did it.


    But Eric…

    I Don’t Know How To SEO



    That’s a valid concern my friend. Good thing AP300 comes with a BONUS called “Article Marketing Secrets”


    It’s an in-depth guide on how to use articles for SEO and shows you how to use important concepts like finding keywords and ranking for them.

    It also comes with a map of the how the whole process works!


    If You Need A Second Opinion…

    Here Is What Some Of Our Customers Said

    Elliot Darren

    "This is the most valuable business resource I have ever purchased. If you want real marketing that works and effective implementation, AP300's got you covered."

    Harold & Trey

    "Thanks alot! We just launched our 5th website. This would of never been possible if I didnt find this website. On our first website we would run out of content and this article package gave us so many ideas. so worth the investment!

    Save Money, Save Time, & Avoid Unprofessional Content!

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    High Quality Content & Articles 

    The Professional's Price Tag!


    Don’t think that because you are getting 5085 articles for each dollar, doesn’t mean they lack quality.

    In fact, a large amount of these are written by professionals – some articles even contain over 4000 words.

    Just because they are good doesn’t mean they should cost a fortune.

    Water is the best to drink, but you can still buy a gallon for $1.

    Keep in mind that if you pay $50 for a professional article (and that’s a cheap one), this package will cost you 15 million dollars, but you’re in luck. You can have $15,000,000 worth of articles for $59.

    Best part is… you have absolutely ALL rights to them. Edit them, use them as is, put your name as the author, sell them, do whatever you want with them just like they were yours!





    Do These Articles

    Contain Unique Content?


    Good question! Some do, some don’t.

    What happens if you run into an article that you like, but someone else has the same content and you want unique content? I have a solution.



    BONUS # 2

    AP300 has another Bonus!

    Bonus # 2 is called “Article Writing Tips” which has a lot of amazing tips, but also has a section called "2 Methods To Make Any Article Unique" which is 2 detailed guides that will show you how to turn any of the 300,000 articles into an article nobody on planet earth has seen.

    ✓ Make All Your Articles Original Content By You Easily
    ✓ Search Engines Will Love It

    "Notification of Payment Received"


    “Unread Message From…”



    Would you like to see more of these?

    No matter what reason you’re buying articles/content… it’s for more visitors!

    More visitors = more sales & more reviews!

    More visitors = more readers & more comments/messages.

    Using these articles correctly will get you exactly this - more sales and more readers. In other words, more action on your website!



    Wait! I Forgot To Tell You

    About Another Bonus!

    BONUS # 3

    Article Agenda

    Brand Yourself As An Expert And The Leads Will Come To You

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    I am so confident that AP300 will get you the results you want that if you are not 100% satisfied, you can have your money back!

    I guarantee you that if you use these articles in the correct manner, not only will you save money and time, you’re website visitors will skyrocket!

    When I say if you are not 100% satisfied, I mean it - you are backed up with a 100% money back guarantee.

    If your website is not looking more rich, if visitors aren’t increasing, if sales aren’t going up – you can have all your money back.

    All you have to do is contact me within 60 days and you get back every penny.



    You literally have nothing to lose. You are only gaining!

    In just a few clicks you will have access to 300,000 articles and tools/information that will teach you how to turn them into VISITORS.

    If you don’t see results in 60 days, you will receive 100% of your money back.

    Can You Afford To Let Your Potential

    Customers And/Or Visitors To Visit Your Competitions Website Instead Of Yours?

    Whether you have a store or a website with information that you want to share with others… people are always searching for it.

    Not only are they searching for what you have, they usually always find what they are looking for. That means someone else took that person that you could have.

    That means you are missing out on traffic by not doing what they are, except that the moment you have AP300 – you are ahead, they just don’t know it yet.

    It’s your choice though, watch them thrive in the gold mine of unlimited gold, or get your butt in there!

    You Choose.

    I know what I would! 

    Click on “Get Instant Access” Now – You Won’t Regret it!




    Why buy the eggs when you can buy the chicken.




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